Maserati Electric Powertrain

Maserati Electric Powertrains at Maserati Louisville

Since its inception, Maserati has relentlessly pursued the boundaries of exhilarating performance engineering to create some of the most inspiring vehicles on the road. Continuing this tradition, Maserati is excited to announce that the brand’s plans for electrification have entered the testing phase. Fully electric propulsion systems will soon be found across the entire Maserati range of current vehicles in addition to the development of future models. Maserati Louisville is here to keep you informed on the latest news, updates, and announcements surrounding the testing and debut of all-electric Maserati vehicles.

Maserati Electric Vehicles

Developed at the new Innovation Lab in Modena, Italy, 100% electric vehicles using 100% Maserati technology have been built and are in the testing phase. A crucial step of this testing process is developing the character of the sound of the all-new electric powertrain. As such a quintessential component of sport-focused vehicles, these next-generation Maserati vehicles will have a distinctive sound. Drivers will be able to experience the benefits of instantaneous acceleration, perfected comfort, and a uniquely Maserati soundtrack as a complement.

To further the progress of all-electric Maserati vehicles, these test models have undergone rigorous testing both on and off the track. These testing procedures are necessary to collect critical data related to performance, reliability, and durability. The all-new Maserati MC 20 has been announced as the all-new EV sports car and is expected to cause a stir among driving enthusiasts. Within the existing portfolio of models, it has been revealed that the new Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be the very first models to adopt 100% electric powertrains. These models will be assembled at the Turin, Italy production hub.

Maserati Electric Sports Car Testing